Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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Here are 10 Great Reasons that you should Always use a Travel Agent

  1. I’m a real person not a website – websites will give you a price but as a certified travel agent I also give you advice. Advice can save you way more than some automated website thats programmed to show you numbers but not programmed to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.
  2. I do the hard work for you – unbeknownst to most. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use a travel agent. But many times we may be more familiar with the travel location of particular vendor you wish to use so you can actually get more value from us making the reservation versus doing it yourself.
  3. I add value with extras and bonuses – see statement above
  4. I’m an insider – been there done that and have probably worked with the resort or company that you want to book your trip through. Travel agents like it or not get special attention from vendors because well we supply them with the majority of their clientele so we usually have a special phone line that we can call.
  5. I save you time and money – You can have me quote and book your trip or you can peruse the 2,353, 531 results that Google gave you about your destination to try and figure out which ones are legit and which are marketing and hype website references.
  6. I get what you want – If you give me your travel requirement’s thats what I am going to provide you. The agent doesn’t set the price so don’t request something that you aren’t willing to pay for when the quote comes back from the vendor.
  7. My service doesn’t end with the sale – as we can see with the COVID19 pandemic many people need service after the sale. You don’t get that with the large online websites. They gave you a price and a confirmation number. Now you have to sit on hold for 2 hours and wait your turn only to hope you ask the right questions before you hang up and have to do it all over again.
  8. I’m always just a phone call away – your travel advisor is just that, a professional travel advisor that takes care of your travel needs from the time you request a quote until you arrive back home (if they are a good one anyway).
  9. You get to shop local – you can have an established relationship with your travel agent the same as you do with your lawyer or tax accountant, they should be someone you can call at anytime to find out what they know about something in the travel industry.
  10. My amazing services are free (if you book with me) – See #2 and read this one again. Our services are FREE IF YOU BOOK WITH US. Please do not ask your travel advisor to figure out a trip for you and then take the info and log on to Travelocity or Expedia and book it yourself. You are essentially robbing your travel agent of their well deserved commission for figuring out something you either didnt know how to do or didnt have time to do.

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