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How We Lost the $1200 Coronavirus Bet

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Before I start ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Regardless of what the news cycle says about how good or bad the economy is doing. Money never leaves the economy it only switches hands.

How many people do you personally know that eagerly waited for that one-time payment of $1200 from the government’s $2.2 trillion dollar bailout of the rich and powerful? Newflash, nope it wasn’t to help you out, that was only a token payment to blind you to the fact they were giving trillions to their friends in the process while you celebrated your $1200 windfall.

How many people did you watch totally waste their stimulus check refreshing the coffers of the millionaires and billionaires of this country? I’m all for a free economy and people making as much money as they can, I’m an entrepreneur not a hypocrite. What I am not for is people voluntarily struggling and allowing other’s to live a lifestyle of luxury everyday on their backs because they don’t think that they can ever achieve that level of success or even deserve a life that’s easier than the one they have.

As an entrepreneur for well over 25 years, each and every day I have people that email or inbox me questions about how they can start their own business. Brick and mortar, network marketing, products, services, transportation, consulting, I’ve done it all. Many times I explain what I do, how its changed my life, the freedom’s I have gained from my work, etc… but most people by the end of the conversation will simply give up on that dream of duplicating that life for themselves and some how dig out of their bucket of life issues that range from a lifetime of low paying jobs, no promotion potential, a recent layoff, family expenses, no retirement or 401K so they are doomed to work until the day they die or their already working 2 or 3 jobs and still don’t have any money to get started on a journey to solve some of those ills that may be plaguing them. “I would love to do it but I just don’t have the start up money to start a home-based business right now”.

One of the problems I see in our society is that we are not willing to start out small, so we think everything as a scam, too much work or I’m not going to get rich doing that when the mission of most people should actually be, how can I come up with an extra $500 every month to prevent my lights from getting turned off or my car from being repossessed. Because of this mentality we tend to miss out on life‘s larger opportunities.

So back to the subject at hand. Millions of people recently received a $1200 stimulus check. Some people who have kids got even more, at $500 per child so they may have gotten $2200 to $2700, if they were married now we are in the $4000 range, but how did they spend it? Did they invest some of it in one of those business opportunities that they couldn’t afford before, work their tail off so they could generate $500 – $1000 or more every month for years to come or did they go out and buy a new sofa or flatscreen TV to help stimulate the economy of the Walton family who (owns WalMart) already has more billions and they can ever spend.

Everybody in our community wants to post online on facebook about bossing up. I’m a boss b**** this or that, yada yada yada. A true boss would have taken that $1200 to $4000 worth of free government money and flipped it into a potential income that would pay them for a lifetime and help relieve some of their current financial woe’s and life stress.

We’ve got to change our collective mindset. Educate ourselves and uplift each other if we want to stop getting played and overrun by the system. They are taking all the food off the table right in front of our eyes and asking us to cook them more while they simply wait to eat. Learn to recognize real game and not just street-wise game because the profits have way more zeroes at the end.

Millionaires and billionaires go bankrupt because they owe money for trying to buy shopping centers but when we file for bankruptcy its because we simply owe too much money to Rent a Center. We’ve got to change our mindset. Change our thinking. Rebuild our circles, because we have to do better. We have to learn to play the game. We have to trust someone that will show us how to start small and grow something that the next generation can take to the next level, because it has to start here before they can inherit an empire.

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